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How to convert your Classes/Courses/Tuition into an online course without spending any money?

Using a variety of online services available for free on the internet you can convert your Classes/Courses/Tuitions into an online course without spending any money.

  • Using a web blog, a page on Facebook, or other social network pages can be a central hub where the course syllabus and activities can be scheduled. An outline for the course can be created.
  • Document sharing tools like Google Drive, DropBox, One Drive can be used to share the important notes and course contents.
  • Tools like Skype, Whatsapp, Google Duos, Hangout can be used to communicate and hold webcam based meetings.
  • Instagram and other photo sharing tools can be used to share photographs.
  • To share videos services like Vimeo and Youtube can be utilized.
  • Tools like Camtasia can be used to capture screenshots and record synchronized lecture or explanations about them.

But, if you choose these mix of different online tools instead of a dedicated LMS, Many challenges arise, including the following:
  • Security and privacy.
Online tools, web blogs, social networking pages and such, frequently have an auto setting that opens the content to the general public. Now, this can cause people who are not authorized or enrolled for a course can see the material and maybe comment on it. A lot of information about students and teacher can be revealed to the public which can be misused through such free online tools.
  • Authentication
A complete LMS provides authentication, gradebooks, and assessments within a closed secure environment. How will these be handled when web-based tools are used? Institutions typically must ensure that enrollment, assessment, and grade information is hosted on a server that they can control.
  • Advertising.
The utilization of the word "free software” may imply that learners are exposed to advertisements. For many educators and students, these advertisements can be a wrong distraction in the Learning experience. This could affect adversely in Learning potential of the student.
  • One stop solution.
Students might get annoyed and irritated if they must learn to use many software instead of one simple Learning Management System. Also, information is not centralized. Students will have to go to different websites to complete activities or access different resources Also for the instructors it's quite tedious to manage different software for different tasks.


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Why should I use ePrabodh?

Why should I use ePrabodh Learning Management System?


ePrabodh LMS is a learning portal or an online learning platform meant to automate the delivery of eLearning and mobile learning courses to learners.
To put it simply, add users, add courses, and assign courses to learners, and view reports of completion, test scores, certificates, and analytics data.
It is a software tool that not only automates the learning process, but also gives the learner and educator an interactive and intuitive interface.

Benefits of Using  ePrabodh LMS
1. Centralized Hub for Information
2. Learn on the go – any time, any place!
3. Building and Taking Courses is fun
4. Better Instructor-Learner Collaboration
5. Easier to manage Online Exams, Certificates and Analysis

Centralized Hub for Information
ePrabodh  Learning Management System serves as a host for all your learning assets, training materials, courses, user information, performance reports and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the subscription licenses for named or unique users?  Ans: Subscription User licenses are Concurrent user licenses which are transferrable and reusable during the term of the subscription. It refers to the maximum number of users who can use the system at any time.
Do you offer "in-premise" hosting option?  Ans: Yes, ePrabodh can also be deployed and hosted on your own datacenters -  internal or external. It could either be done remotely using our Expert Services or at your location.
Does ePrabodh work on mobile and/or tablet devices?  Ans: ePrabodh is a responsive Learning Management System making it extremely easy to use on a mobile, tablet or a laptop, and computer without any loss of experience or information. No app is needed on a device to experience ePrabodh.
What does "multiple languages of your choice" mean?  Ans: ePrabodh is available in several Indian and Foreign languages–English, Hindi, Marathi, French, Spanish, Portugese, German etc. You can choose to ena…