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Common mistakes while going cloud

The blessings of moving into the Cloud environments are phenomenal, given their ability to cut infrastructure costs and its resource sharing nature.But enterprises lured by such benefits could turn into nighmares if a proper consulting in IT is neglected, before you go cloud. 
Choosing Wrong Cloud Public clouds are located offsite because they are owned & operated by third-party services. They can be accessed by anyone with internet connection amd subscription. The size of public clouds often exceed private clouds and they offer cheap, “pay as you go”. These clouds are  good  for standardized use such as messaging, email, small crms, storage and collaboration projects. 
Security One of the major advantages of going cloud is that the service provider maintains the hardware offsite, reducing the need for businesses to maintain a round the clock IT team. However, business owners tend to think that this also means that their cloud provider can always ensure the security of their data. Sse…